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HARI TRANSPORT the company is founded in Kumanovo and specialized for goods transportation around all places of Balkan and Europe as well as cooperation with many companies.

As one of the biggest private companies of transport, we offer logistic in all West countries by offering faster and more effective transport services. We are concentrated in faster, effective and safe services and are dedicated to it so our consumers get their orders in time and certain places.


Our company is founded in 1981 by Mr. Arun Ebibi, mainly starting with an activity of serving general goods. By getting experience and being successful, there was a need to extend our services in the favor of the consumers by buying transportation vehicles in 1986 for goods transportation from different places. Transportation company HARI TRANSPORT transports goods daily and weekly all around Europe.
We serve in a way that our clients can have a 24 hours online access at our company regarding to their consignments. Therefore we are constantly working to expand our business because we want to offer more flexible and modern access to enable a faster and simpler way of transport. We also try to work and contribute responsibly for the environment we operate.


During 2004, we were concentrated to grow our activity in Kumanovo, in R. of Macedonia by offering logistic for transport services in all countries in Europe and Balkan.
I expect to be involved – as a client, worker or a partner interested for a cooperation with



Arun Ebibi

Arun Ebibi

Founder & CEO

Omer Ebibi

Omer Ebibi

General Menager /CEO


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